Accurate Electrical Services decided it needed a better way to maximize its marketing budget. When it found CallFire’s Call Tracking solution, that was a turning point in its advertising strategy.

Jeff Seale is the Owner and President of Accurate Electrical Services. He has been running his business for nearly 20 years in Southern California serving communities across Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside Counties.

Accurate Electrical Services prides itself on being “The electrician you can trust!” And, Seale has built a good reputation for himself according to his many customer testimonials. While you can’t buy a good reputation, a smart marketing plan is priceless and that’s where Call Tracking has delivered ten-fold for Accurate Electrical Services.

“We were looking for an effective way to track our advertising,” says Seale. With more than 50 campaigns currently running, “it has really helped us refine our marketing dollars to the advertisers that are producing.”

CallFire’s Call Tracking solution is a simple product and easy to use. Purchase one or more local or toll free numbers and assign each to a different marketing campaign, such as a billboard, commercial, or online listing service. As each call comes in, track which numbers/advertisements are getting the most attention. Once the data is in, the campaigns that are underperforming get scrapped.

Seale has been using CallFire’s Call Tracking solution for more than a year and has purchased “multiple local and toll free numbers and Google talk to notify us when a call is incoming.” Seale says, “We know exactly what ads produced calls and which are underperforming.”

“Our staff is notified via an instant message that a call is coming in and from what marketing source. All they have to do is enter that information into our system.”

Seale admits he didn’t have much of a system in place before he found CallFire, so the process was a little foreign to him. “Callfire reps helped us set up our numbers and the Google talk notifications, but after that it was easy.”

In fact, Seale says his company has plans to expand its use of CallFire products.

As a father of four boys, two of whom work with Seale at Accurate Electrical Services, it’s important to make smart financial decisions today in order to enjoy success tomorrow and for years to come.

With more than a hundred thousand satisfied clients of all sizes, CallFire has been helping companies just like Seale’s get the most for their money. With a committed staff and expertise, CallFire believes in good relationships with its clients and shares Accurate Electrical Services motto that there is “No job too big or too small!”

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