No matter what side of the political spectrum, drumming up support and attention for your organization can be a challenge. It takes many hands and voices to inspire a community’s enthusiasm for your political views and beliefs. Organizers use every tool in the box to create awareness for their cause, and some are more effective than others.

For Michigan’s Macomb County Campaign for Liberty, emails and mailers were ineffective. Campaign organizer, Kurt King, needed a better solution to motivate and mobilize his base. That’s when he discovered CallFire as his answer to connect with the community.

According to King, the Macomb County Campaign for Liberty’s mission is to promote and defend individual liberty, the constitution, free markets and issue advocacy. King and his fellow organizers and supporters are very passionate about their grassroots efforts, and CallFire offered them tools to communicate that enthusiasm to their constituents.

“A voice on the other end of the line seems to drive the points home,” says King. He has been using CallFire’s Voice Broadcast solution since November 2011 and with great success. “Meeting attendance and action items continue to receive [a] greater response.” That’s because King’s Voice Broadcasts are not your run-of-the-mill messages.

King has taken on his outreach with a clever approach, sometimes using humor, pop culture and impersonating political figures to drive his messages home. Something that can’t be expressed on the printed page or screen.

To date, King and his Campaign for Liberty have sent Voice Broadcast blasts to hundreds of constituents over the last few years. He has used CallFire’s Voice Broadcast tool to not only illustrate what his organization is all about and announce meetings and gatherings. He has also used it as an emergency announcement that meetings will be cancelled due to inclement weather.

The flexibility of CallFire’s Voice Broadcast solution and its scalability have been a major boon to King’s campaign communications. CallFire is also convenient and allows for broadcasts to be made from anywhere at any time as long as there is access to a phone and internet connection.

“Because our voice campaigns definitely receive more response than our emails and mailings,” King says he is also considering CallFire’s SMS text messages as another option to communicate with his supporters.

“Besides CallFire’s effectiveness in connecting with people product setup and use is delightfully easy,” says King. “We held a webinar training session for our coordinators. That’s all it takes to get users up to speed.” CallFire offers a simple platform that is easy to navigate enabling many hands and people with varying online experience to easily send out and schedule messaging or live calling campaigns.

Along with ease of use, CallFire’s affordability allows organizations to focus on what’s important - their message, not what their message will cost. At pennies per message sent, CallFire prides itself on being economically attainable. To sum it up, King says, “The service has been well-priced and good to deal with.”

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