Founded in 1981, In-Shape Health Clubs, which boasts 68 locations across California, continues to foster the healthy lifestyles of men, women and children through state-of-the-art equipment and facilities while offering affordable membership for the whole family. With the continued increase of client volume and demand for more services, In-Shape realized it was plateauing with its former voice broadcast service.

In-Shape found CallFire because of its cost-effective and robust Voice Broadcast solution. In-Shape can pass along budget-wise membership costs, is now able to stay in touch with its clientele, and can better ensure excellent customer service while growing its business through a smart marketing strategy.

Ranked in the top 20 list of fitness clubs across the U.S., In-Shape Clubs, continues to maintain a healthy bottom line when it comes to its marketing, membership, and billing strategies.

Manager of member services for In-Shape, Lisa Hayes, says over the last two years, CallFire has saved the company money. With the volume of calls In-Shape manages every month, it’s no wonder why they needed a smart, efficient, and affordable solution.

Since coming to CallFire, In-Shape has blasted out 430 different Voice Broadcast campaigns with each handling hundreds to thousands of calls. In fact, more than 10,000 calls have been sent out in a single campaign on numerous occasions, saving the company hours of unnecessary hand-dialed calls.

Because of CallFire’s unique and user-friendly interface design, companies can easily train employees to communicate with their clients in a personal way. The sky is the limit when molding CallFire’s various telephony tools, and In-Shape has been flexing it’s creative muscles to get the most out of what CallFire has to offer.

And, at just pennies per dial, In-Shape has dramatically trimmed the costs of expensive collections statements, marketing materials, and general membership correspondence. In addition to these types of calls, In-Shape engages its customers through “New Member Welcome” calls, “Gift Card Giveaways” for referrals, “New Club Opening” announcements and “Autopay” discount offers for people who sign up.

CallFire’s easy-to-use platform also reduces time wasted on getting an account up and running. “I was able to teach other staff members how to use the system with a focus on controlling the speed of the dialers,” says Hayes. “We no longer have to manage the outbound calls because everything is automatic with CallFire. We can now use those resources to better assist our members.”

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