Santa Cruz, CA-based Contractor Advertising strives to get a better return on investment (ROI) for its clients by restructuring failing ad campaigns and providing optimal SEO services.

Plumbers and general contractors are just a few examples of businesses that rely on advertising to earn new clients each and every day. In order to get their names out there, these businesses invest in branding, search engine marketing, as well as offline marketing, such as the yellow pages.

Aside from these widely used tools, a cornerstone of Contractor Advertising’s success has been its use of CallFire’s Call Tracking solution.

For the past two years, Contractor Advertising’s Dan Goldstein explained that he had used CallFire’s Call Tracking along with the call recording feature. Call Tracking provided him with real-time access to call records which helped his clients ‘nail down’ the campaigns that were the most effective. When paired with the added call recording feature, his clients could listen to the conversations that their staff had with customers during their intake process.

Goldstein discovered other important benefits from CallFire’s Call Tracking solution. The ability to purchase local numbers for his clients was a major selling point. He was relieved to know that CallFire’s customer service would set up his numbers within minutes. “If the number existed, we can activate [them] immediately,” said Goldstein.

With clients across the U.S. and Canada, Contractor Advertising has had thousands of calls flow through the 60 to 70 local phone numbers purchased from CallFire. Additionally, Goldstein said he has enjoyed the product’s performance and ease of use.

CallFire’s Call Tracking solution created value that not only came from affordable pricing, but also from the data obtained. This has helped Goldstein optimize and customize how his clients’ advertising dollars are spent. If more calls are coming from a particular source and less from another, clients can scrap what’s not working for them.

When asked how CallFire’s services have been since joining two years ago, Contractor Advertising’s Dan Goldstein simply says, “It’s great.”

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