“Going once, going twice, sold!” That’s what Marv Boldt, an Iowa auctioneer, said when he happily discovered CallFire’s efficient, affordable and easy-to-use Voice Broadcast solution after having major problems with his former service.

Based in Traer, Iowa, Boldt Auction serves the farm equipment industry every week by auctioning off everything from belt buckles to cars. Boldt relied on Voice Broadcast to connect with potential bidders to let them know when, where and, what was being auctioned.

Boldt knew something was wrong with his former service when he said, “my customer base started complaining that they [weren't] receiving calls.” After investigating the problem, Boldt noticed that calls weren’t connecting because they were in different area codes. This is a serious and expensive problem for an auctioneer - fewer bidders means less money made.

“I’m through with them,” said Boldt of his old voice broadcasting service. “I'm satisfied with CallFire and ya'll [saved] me from a lawsuit.” It turns out Boldt had an instance where he needed to prove he did what he said. He relied on CallFire’s simple and efficient platform that keeps track of all calls made.

For many reasons, CallFire’s Voice Broadcast solution is one of the most popular tools as it is easy-to-use, can transmit calls and messages from anywhere with an Internet connection and phone, and gets the job done quickly. Users can easily re-visit old campaigns to review their information such as content, how many calls were sent out, how many connected, and more.

Despite pleas by the old service to come back, Bold is satisfied after three years of reliable and affordable service with CallFire. Thousands of calls later, Boldt says he’s glad he sent that other company packing and now his troubles are “Going, going, gone!”

Boldt also told CallFire that he had plans to suggest using Voice Broadcast at his church to better notify members of events and other happenings.

Boldt says CallFire is a “Great program,” and has plans to start exploring other products to use with his customers.

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