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  • Reach more constituents in less time
  • Scalable for millions of messages or live calls
  • Easy to get started, or integrate our software
  • Use for polling, fundraising & targeted messaging
  • Volume-based pricing

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Proven tools to help your campaign communications

From targeted messages for campaigning to polling to donor fundraising, political consultants and campaigners have found many ways to use CallFire's services. As technology enhances campaign strategies, it becomes a given that any campaigner must leverage the best tools available to get his or her candidate the necessary votes. That’s where CallFire comes in!

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Reach more in less time with Voice Broadcast

Get your campaign message out in an efficient and effective manner to thousands or millions instantly!

  • Send targeted campaign robocalls to different constituent groups
  • Instantly update staff or voters about a campaign rally
  • Insightful reports and metrics help you make better decisions
  • Flexible pricing starting at 3¢ and below

Increase efficiency through Cloud Call Center 

Have your staff directly connect to voters or donors without dialing a call. Put your outbound dialing into overdrive with Cloud Call Center and increase call efficiency by over 30%!

  • Make more live calls in less time
  • Export data to insightful reports
  • Upload scripts for staff and easily collate caller responses
  • Just pennies per minute per agent

Use Interactive Voice Response to get closer to your voters

Send automated messages that offer your constituents multiple keypress options to donate, answer questions, or register for a rally!
Send millions of messages and get millions of votes!

  • Conduct surveys & polling
  • Acquire donations from your voter base
  • Easy to use exportable metrics to improve your strategy
  • Flexible pricing starting at 3¢ and below

Voter Demographics with Call Tracking

With CallFire, you can buy one, two, or even thousands of local and toll free phone numbers. CallFire real-time analytics are the easiest way to track call volume by source. You can even use CallFire to record your calls at no extra cost.

Gain memberships through SMS Texting

Use keyword contests and promotions to get constituents and voters to participate, and then send mass text message broadcasts to your opted-in contacts. Use one of our short codes or your own. Increase engagement by using SMS for your political campaign.


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