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"Get-out-the-vote" or "GOTV” describes strategies used to increase the number of supporters in a political campaign. GOTV strategies often employ a number of political technologies, including mass text messaging and political voice broadcasting to known supporters in the weeks, days, and hours leading up to an election. From providing directions on election day to tracking potential voters, CallFire’s list of political action products help GOTV campaign consultants massively augment political initiatives.

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Reach more in less time with Voice Broadcast

Get your GOTV message out in an efficient and effective manner to thousands or millions instantly! Use political Voice Broadcasts as part of your GOTV Campaign Consulting strategy to reach more potential voters with the click of a button.

  • Send targeted GOTV robocalls to different constituent groups
  • Instantly update staff or voters about a GOTV campaign rally
  • Talk to more donors by using the Press 1 feature
  • Insightful reports and metrics help you make better decisions

Use Voice Broadcast with Interactive Voice Response for GOTV Phone Banking

Instantly create a GOTV push with an automated GOTV phone bank! Generate donations and new backers using the latest in political tech broadcasting.
Create polls, surveys, and donation centers with an IVR auto receptionist.

  • Collect donations & conduct surveys through a virtual receptionist
  • Send automated political news alerts
  • Improve your GOTV consulting activity
  • Pricing as low as 2¢ per minute

Connect with Voters through SMS Texting

Automate text message communication with the public. Easily create SMS surveys and send mass GOTV polls to your opt-in contacts.
Update campaigners on GOTV canvassing, GOTV polling, and more using bulk SMS texting.

  • Use keywords to reach voters with this GOTV canvass technology
  • Easier and more effective than email marketing
  • Pricing as low as 3¢ per text
  • 95% open rate within the first 5 minutes of sending

Voter Demographics with Call Tracking

With CallFire, you can buy one, two, or even thousands of local and toll free phone numbers. CallFire real-time analytics are the easiest way to track call volume by source. You can even use CallFire to record your calls at no extra cost. Features like Call Recording, Call Forwarding, and downloadable Call Reporting makes the use of virtual numbers more effective and cost-efficient.

Increase efficiency with Cloud Call Center

Have your staff directly connect to voters or donors without dialing a call. Put your outbound dialing into overdrive with Cloud Call Center and increase call efficiency by over 30%! Upload scripts for staff and easily collate caller responses, Export data to insightful reports, and just pennies per minute.


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