VoiceXML allows programmatic control of voice applications where automated voice services can be accessed over the phone, and non-phone based voice applications.   Callfire’s VXML offerings allows highly customized outbound IVR   interfaces where businesses can create automated services where customers can call in and check accounts, the status of a package, or the estimated arrival time of a package - all without speaking to a human. 

In conjunction with VoiceXML Callfire also offers Text-To-Speech (TTS) where in it can use one of its many voice engines to synthesize human speech. This allows for a higher degree of personalization of the voice message where in prerecorded messages can be customized to be listener specific.

Callfire brings its famed ease of use mantra to VXML campaigns where in campaign setup process is still simple with our wizard.

Click on New Campaign

Enter the URL of the VXML Document

Sample VXML Document

Specify your recipient phone list

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