Create powerful, complex IVRs using CallFire's VoiceXML engine.   VoiceXML gives developers 100% programmatic control over your voice application, allowing you to build highly-integrated, automated voice services.  The possibilities are endless:

What is VoiceXML?
VoiceXML is a technology that allows users to interact with IVRs and the Internet using a telephone, keypad digits, and the human voice.  VoiceXML has formal specifications by W3C, allowing scripts to be used interchangably between VoiceXML Service Providers.   ( VoiceXML v2.0)

What can I build using VoiceXML?
Check my account balance
Package delivery status
Emergency notification
Surveys and Polls
Personals and more.  Creativity is your only limit.

Why use VoiceXML?
"VoiceXML allows businesses to save time by automatic services previously provided by a human."   says TJ Thinakaran, CallFire's in-house VoiceXML specialist.  "In conjunction with VoiceXML Callfire also offers Text-To-Speech (TTS) - enabling dynamic content to be read to your listeners.  This content can be an account balance, a name, or even complex sentences.  This allows for a higher degree of personalization of the voice message where in prerecorded messages can be customized to be listener specific.  Callfire brings its famed ease of use mantra to VXML campaigns where in campaign setup process is still simple with our wizard."

Ready to create a VXML campaign?

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