Telephone Dialer

CallFire  - The hosted Telephone Dialer

Callfire can be used as a telephone dialer to make a large volume of calls with full control to you. With our easy interface, you can easily start your campaigns and contact your list within minutes.

Explore the possibilities 

  1. Voice Broadcast - Press-1 campaigns.
  2. Follow up Sales
  3. Political Broadcast
  4. Polling campaigns
  5. Outbound Dialer


  1. Manage multiple campaigns simultaniously
  2. Use our advanced api to connect your software
  3. Send hundreds of calls simultaniously
  4. Control the speed of the campaign
  5. Get live statistics.

Video Tutorials: Setting up your Cloud Call Center and Voice Broadcast Campaigns

See how easy it is to set up a campaign.  Click the icon below to watch a campaign creation tutorial video.  

Cloud Call Center Video Tutorial

Voice Broadcast Video Tutorial

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