Hosted IVR

An Easy-to-Use Hosted IVR Solution

With CallFire's easy-to-use IVR designer, you can quickly build a phone tree as simple or advanced as you want. Just record your messages (or choose the text-to-speech option), and use our drag-and-drop interface to build anything from an automated oubound survey, to an auto attendant that will route calls within your office. You can even attach it to a CallFire toll-free or local number. We strive to provide you with unlimited possibilities, so don't hesitate to contact a CallFire representative to help create whatever your business needs.

Hosted IVR Pricing As Low as 5¢/Minute has one low hosted IVR rate of just 5 cents per minute, no matter how little you dial. There are no contracts, no setup fees, and no startup costs. Simply pay as you go.

Getting Started

  1. Click "Sign Up" at the top right of this page.
  2. Watch a quick sample video on how to use our IVR designer to create an invitation: IVR Video Tutorial
  3. Attend a Wednesday 11am PST IVR webinar & receive 70 free minutes.
  4. Start designing!


  1. Click "Sign Up" at the top right of this page.
  2. Navigate to Create a New Campaign, choose Hosted IVR, and just click the "Do it for me" button. CallFire will build everything for you! (Read about this great new feature on our blog post).


Examples of IVRs 
Outbound phone survey
Market research questions 
Auto attendant and call router 
Appointment setter & reminder 
Health risk assessment 
Emergency response survey 
Toll-free customer FAQ lines



IVR Features

  • Low price, no contracts or startup fees
  • Real-time tracking and IVR analytics
  • Easy-to-use IVR designer
  • Realistic text-to-speech
  • Outbound and inbound capability
  • Exposed APIs
  • Free developer support


API Integration

Developers, please see our API page. CallFire exposes all its APIs so that creativity is your only limitation.