Automatic Phone Dialer - a hosted Automatic Phone Dialer

Picking an automatic phone dialer can be a difficult task.   There are many automatic phone dialers.  Some are hardware solutions, some hosted solutions, and others are VoIP based autodialers that are installed on-site.  CallFire is a quick and easy autodialer solution for your autodialing needs.  Learn how it works here!


No setup fees, no commitments

Getting started with CallFire's automatic phone dialer is as easy as setting up a new Hotmail or Gmail account.  Simply create your account, add $10 or more, and start dialing today!   You can set up your new CallFire Account by clicking here.

Related services

CallFire further offers Voice Broadcast, Virtual Call Center, and Political dialing.  Each service is offered at very low per-minute rate and requires no commitments!  Try us out today. - Automatic Phone Dialer :

  • Start dialing in minutes, without talking to a salesperson!
  • Simple interface with speed controls.
  • No commitments or minimums.
  • Free telephone support.
  • Operate the dialer from your cell phone!

Other Automatic Phone Dialers:

  • Sign-up process required.
  • Per-Agent signup costs.
  • Requires hardware or software download.
  • Minimum monthly commitment required.
  • No real-time statistics & controls. history has developed a unique autodialer software for over 3 years.  The intuitive user interface and increasing reliability of makes is an easy choice for first time users.  Thank you for considering!

Video Tutorial: Setting up your Cloud Call Center Campaign

See how easy it is to set up a campaign.  Click the icon below to watch a campaign creation tutorial video.  

Cloud Call Center Video Tutorial

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