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Adding Numbers to Your Campaign

Once you've created your outbound campaigns, whether Voice Broadcast or Cloud Call Center, you will need to add numbers to the campaign before you can begin running it. If you need to work on your phone list, now is the time to do it. Make sure that you have saved the phone number list as either an Excel 1997-2003 file (with an .xls extension), or as a "Comma Delimited" file (with a .csv extension). You can use Excel 2007 or earlier to save in either format. We do not currently support native Excel 2007 files (with an extension of .xlsx). Also, make sure you know which column contains your phone numbers. The numbers should be a ten-digit phone number (area code, prefix, and suffix), without a "1" in front of the number.

If you're not already at an "Add Numbers to Your Campaign" page, go to the "Campaigns" menu and choose "My Campaigns Dashboard" to bring up the Campaign Dashboard.

Campaign Dashboard

Find the campaign to which you need to add numbers in your list of campaigns. Click on the Select Box all the way to the left of the campaign name to select that campaign. Go up to the Campaign Control drop-down list and select "Add More Numbers."
Add More Numbers

In the "Add More Numbers" screen, you can either select numbers from a phonebook, or upload a list directly into your campaign. If you wish to use a phonebook, please see the document on "Creating Phonebooks."  Basically, phonebooks are most useful for lists of numbers that are reused frequently, such as repeat customers or members of your organization. If you are constantly using new lists to reach new customers, uploading numbers directly to the campaign would be the easiest method. For this tutorial we are going to choose "Upload Numbers."
Upload Numbers

This will bring up a Windows Explorer window. Browse to the directory where you saved your list, click on it, and click on the "Open" button. Alternatively, you can just double-click on the filename. This will bring you back to the "Add More Numbers" page with your file's path in the Browse box. Just below, select the proper column for your phone numbers.
Select Column

Read the legal agreement. Choose whether or not to scrub this list against your internal Do Not Call list (in most cases you would answer "Yes" here), and whether or not to remove duplicates (again, in most cases you would answer "Yes").

Type in your initials showing acceptance of our legal terms and agreement. You must use the initials corresponding to the name on the account. This is a legal agreement.

Type in the words "I Agree" and click on the "Submit" button. You will be returned to the Campaign Dashboard, where your campaign will show "Pending" under "Status." In a few moments your screen should automatically update and the "Total" column to the right of your campaign name should show the number of uploaded phone numbers.
Uploaded Numbers

Once you have new numbers in your campaign you can begin to run it.