ABC Home and Commercial Services offers solutions that run the gamut from pest control to lawn care to window washing and much, much...much more! A family owned and operated business since 1949, ABC has thrived for more than 60 years through hard work and the ability to adapt to the changing seasons of the many communities they serve.

For ABC, winter poses a challenge as some services die down while others pop up, such as Christmas light installation. That’s why ABC came to CallFire to help keep the momentum of success going.

Company representative Jason Steinmetz says ABC has been using CallFire’s Cloud Call Center for the last two years. “We needed a method to easily contact our existing customer base, as well as cold calling new customers.”

With only three campaigns under ABC’s belt, two of the campaigns accounted for more than 38,000 calls while the third handled a staggering 43,000 calls. ABC needed a solution that could handle these kinds of numbers, while remaining affordable and simple to use.

CallFire’s Cloud Call Center was the most streamlined and ideal fit for ABC according to Steinmetz as the company’s 10-12 agents had their hands full calling customers while completing other tasks throughout the day. Time is precious and Steinmetz says, “we did find that using the CallFire software did seem to speed up our calling.”

“We did like how easy it was for one of the representatives to transition from doing something else over to using the CallFire software. Even throughout the day, if switching back and forth between cold calling and other tasks, it was a very simple process for them to use.”

And, good for the bottom line. CallFire’s Cloud Call Center not only triples productivity with its multi-line auto dialer, it costs just $2 per hour per agent and offers other features like MachineSkip which allows agents to bypass answering machines, SmartDrop so that agents can leave a pre-recorded voice message, call recording and call data and reports.

In the past, when ABC cold-called, the company worked out of their own existing database engine. But, when it came time to implement CallFire’s autodialing software, the transition was simple and easy. “We had our IT department train the senior staff in the call center, and they transferred the information down as needed.”

With a presence in Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia and Florida, ABC is a company that continues to grow and hopes to utilize CallFire’s other solutions.

For now, as winter quickly approaches, ABC is ramping up to make its cold-calls using CallFire’s Cloud Calling Center. “[It’s] definitely a great way to contact people.”

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