Every business owner wants to work less and earn more. For most, that’s a mere fantasy, but not for Atlas Partners Group (Enterprise Technologies, LLC). The Group has been investing in that philosophy and successfully coaching people on how to capitalize on boom industries in minimal time through its lead generation and marketing training.

In order to do so, the Camarillo, CA-based company needed its own easy-to-use cloud call center solution to reach out to potential clients for its special training seminars and bootcamps. So, they came to CallFire.

With a roster of more than 40 agents, Atlas makes thousands of calls each day and needed an outbound power dialer and virtual call center that could not only handle that kind of volume but make the task of placing all these calls as efficient and organized as possible.

Atlas’ Rachele Fastiggi says her company has been using CallFire for two years since switching from another company. When asked if Atlas has achieved the results it was looking for, she said, “Yes! The Increased member base has led to a 20% increase in sales,” which is a major boon to Atlas’ bottom line.

CallFire’s Cloud Call Center is an extremely popular solution as it provides a multi-line power dialer that allows agents to triple their productivity and save on price. At just pennies per minute, this tool eliminates the need for agents to hand-dial each number, which can take hours, if not days depending on the volume. Adding even more efficiency to this task is the SmartDrop and MachineSkip features that allow agents to leave a pre-recorded voice message while they move onto the next call, or skip answering machines all together.

The Cloud Call Center also gives managers the ability to record calls, track results, add custom scripts, and export data so they can see how every agent is performing.

As home-based employment and lead generation becomes an increasingly popular career choice, there is an increased need for a virtual or cloud call center that is easy to use, provides results and is affordable.

Another significant reason CallFire’s Cloud Call Center has been the popular and smart choice amongst other virtual call center services is that it is scalable to any size and the user-friendly interface requires minimal training. In fact, Atlas video-trains its agents who are located remotely.

Atlas Partners Group is yet another satisfied CallFire client. Fastiggi explained that Atlas has been so happy with CallFire’s service, and her company plans on taking advantage of CallFire’s other telephony solutions in the future.

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