Running for office is a family affair for Maryland resident, Darren Wigfield. Not because he comes from a long line of politicians, but because he’s doing it with the help of his loved ones, friends, and close allies. “I have a grassroots team of volunteers who support my platform and want to help,” says Wigfield, who is running for the House of Delegates in 2014.

On his team is his girlfriend, who’s social media marketing savvy, combined with his sister’s graphic design knowhow, are taking part in the chance to turn Wigfield’s dream of representing his community into a reality. As a hands-on candidate who has been out knocking on doors, meeting his neighbors, and talking about issues, Wigfield has been extremely involved in the outreach process, and carefully chose CallFire as his call center solution.

“Phone banking is a good way to get together and spread the word about the campaign while building the team comradery,” Wigfield says. “We have weekly phone banking parties with pizza,” he adds, figuring out a way to make the process fun.

And, making the process easy and efficient is why he turned to CallFire’s Cloud Call Center. “CallFire avoids user error in dialing and it keeps volunteers focused,” he says. With the multi-line auto-dialer, CallFire’s call center allows users to upload phone lists into the cloud and with a simple click of the mouse, callers can effortlessly run through numbers quickly. Should they find themselves connecting to an answering machine, the SmartDrop feature can leave a pre-recorded message, or, the MachineSkip feature can bypass this issue altogether keeping volunteers on track until they reach a live person. And, CallFire’s intelligent data feedback platform, according to Wigfield, “makes it easier to collect the results” of various calling campaigns. Combining NationBuilder datasync allows Wigfield to build his constituent base with fewer hands and with just as much effectiveness as his political colleagues just an hour away in Washington DC.

Wigfield, a former Eagle Scout, began his career working at Frederick Community College in Information Technology. He then worked in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity in the Defense and National Security sector. With his deep knowledge and expertise in IT and online platforms, he appreciates CallFire’s reliability as well as the measures taken to protect and keep its clients’ information secure and confidential, a top priority for CallFire.

Because information is stored safely in the cloud, CallFire’s call center platform allows users to work from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection and phone line. While portability is a major plus, like many users, Wigfield prefers keeping his community of volunteers together. “Though I appreciate everyone being able to call from home on their own, we've had more luck getting together and all calling at the same time.” Also, “We conducted training in person, because we were working from one location,” says Wigfield.

With roots dating back to the Revolutionary War, Wigfield’s love for his community as a lifelong resident of Frederick County, combined with his passion for politics, has fueled his desire to become a delegate candidate. As the race ramps up in the coming months, Wigfield is happy and confident as long has he has CallFire by his side.


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