Mustafa G., founder of MG Insurance Agency, realized a serious issue this past year: his business development was inefficient. He understood that the future success of his San Jose-based agency relied on fixing this problem.  Mustafa reached out to CallFire, and found the solutions he needed to not only grow his business, but to also lower his costs and improve his efficiency.

Mustafa realized his inefficiencies after noticing a decline in his growth. “We had three LSPs (Licensed Sales Professionals) dial by hand and put their notes in from each call. They made errors, got bored, got tired, or found some way to be inefficient.” Mustafa understood the process of making thousands of calls relied too much on the individual abilities of his LSPs. This problem is endemic in the insurance industry.
Once Mustafa started using CallFire, he noticed results immediately.  His three man BizDev team that worked for 10 hours a week (each) was reduced to just one person.  
CallFire’s developers have worked directly with Allstate to create software solutions that address the company’s industry-specific needs.  The Cloud Call Center hands-free automated dialing system helps eliminate the human error and inefficiency that is inherent to manual dialing. Mustafa explained, “It is a simple cookie-cutter approach that makes the process easy and efficient.”
Training staff on new software can be costly, but CallFire’s easy setup and free training saves time. All Mustafa needed to get started with CallFire was his phone and a computer with an internet connection. When asked about training his employees, Mustafa said, “It was very simple. It took fifteen minutes.”
CallFire’s web-based software provides detailed analytics, allowing Mustafa to monitor the productivity of his three LSPs.  Mustafa determined that he needed only one LSP instead of three when his productivity and efficiency tripled as a result of his decision to use CallFire.

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