It started in 2004, with three longtime college friends and a puppy named Lucky rooming together in a small West Los Angeles apartment. They decided to form a new telecommunications company, working out of their cramped living quarters. Not long after, they were joined by two other buddies from school. And thus was formed the five-person historic core of our company — the CallFire partners. Since then, CallFire has grown into a multimillion-dollar company with over 100 employees.

Our headquarters are housed in downtown Santa Monica, Calif., with satellite offices in Austin, TX , and Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

We've garnered over 100,000 customers, including major companies, political groups, nonprofits, insurance agents, small business owners, educational institutions, government agencies, and marketers.

Our reputation is such that we're now asked to appear at prestigious industry forums and symposiums, as well as at influential political gatherings and conventions.

We're vastly expanding our company's capabilities with a new user interface platform, experiencing meteoric growth within the United States and Canada. We’re headed places. Come along for the journey.