Not long ago, our enthusiastic Sales & Support team engaged in a spirited debate while writing a brochure about ourselves for a large new customer.

How do we describe CallFire’s purpose in a few sentences, they asked themselves.

Here is what they came up with ...

We believe that ideas and hard work should determine success. CallFire powers phone applications that are narrowing the technology gap between giant enterprises and the little guy with the big idea. We offer the same easy voice and text tools to anyone with the desire to succeed.


Some of our affordable, easy-to-use products include …

Text Broadcast

CallFire’s automated Text Broadcast tool allows everyone from the neighborhood yogurt shop to political campaigns to promote their promotions or events instantly to cellphones anywhere.

Voice Broadcast

Our Voice Broadcast application gives diverse businesses from the local carpet company to the national political organization an equal chance to get their message out fast by phone.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

And our Interactive Voice Response system has helped political organizations such as to phone survey thousands of potential voters at the click of a mouse button, while CVS Pharmacy uses the product to obtain customer feedback after purchasing products.

That’s us … CallFire. We’re a bright young company, with a diverse line of innovative products. Which we support with an uncompromising commitment to customer service.

And we’re narrowing that technology gap between giant enterprises and the little guy with the big idea every single day.