Michel Veys

Chief Executive Officer

Michel is an action-driven, entrepreneurial tech executive who thrives on hyper-growth and successfully scaling up venture-capital-backed startups in mobile, cloud, SaaS communications, and payments. He combines an open collaborative leadership style with great operational, financial experience and general management expertise. He led the integration of three fast growing ad technology and marketing companies into one brand entity to execute on a single strategic and operational vision. Prior to joining CallFire, Michel was COO of Jajah, GM at Paypal, and a member of the executive teams at Trintech, Visa, and Intel.

TJ Thinakaran

Chief Operations Officer & Co-Founder

TJ is responsible for day-to-day operations at CallFire, as well as overseeing CallFire's major corporate development initiatives. He also leads CallFire's Governance, Risk & Compliance efforts. He has more than a decade of experience in software solutions and architectures. Before co-founding CallFire, he worked at IBM Corporation, where he consistently delivered results on high-visibility, high-risk projects. When not at his desk, you'll find TJ on his yoga mat or cycling the canyons of the Santa Monica mountains.

Vijesh Mehta

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Vijesh has over 10 years of experience taking web-based services to market and sits on the board of four major companies with web-based platforms. He also has extensive experience in shaping corporate strategy and exceptional knowledge of highly scalable software architectures. His previous endeavors include the widely recognized consulting firm Skyy Consulting, which developed one of the largest open-source telecom platforms available today. Vijesh got his first computer at age 8, at which point he proceeded to write his first lines of code in Basic while trying to get a game to work.

Punit "Pete" Shah

Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder

Punit informs CallFire's product strategy and development, in addition to driving business intelligence insights to help inform company growth and strategy. Punit has over a decade of experience with product design and execution. Armed with a background in distributed systems and big data analysis, he has served on engineering teams at Microsoft, co-patented technology for stroke rehabilitation, and delivered notable upgrades to the air quality control management system (AQMS) for the U.S. Navy. He also built an innovative and scalable VoIP platform for telecom carriers that handled tens of millions of calls at a fraction of prior costs, which eventually led him to co-founding CallFire many years ago. Today Punit spends most of his free time reading, networking, and stock investing.

Lionel Etrillard

Chief Financial Officer

Lionel is a tech executive focused on driving the financial strategic vision of the company while building a solid planning, accounting and compliance foundation. He thrives on Identifying key drivers and collaboratively disseminating information to take action. Lionel comes with a wealth of financial experience in SaaS, software, hardware and M&A in companies ranging from startups to publicly traded entities including InvestCloud, iRise, Conexant and Rockwell.

Luke Wilson

Chief Revenue Officer

Luke was raised working in and among small businesses, and seeing the impact those organizations had on their communities. That experience — combined with a BS in Economics from Indiana State University — instilled in him a dedication to empowering such businesses to become more efficient and effective. Luke comes to CallFire from Angie’s List, Main Street Hub, and YourMembership, where he built and guided teams laser-focused on providing best-in-class solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). On warm weekends, he can be found relaxing lakeside in Austin, TX.